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Kedric CecilKedric H. Cecil, Ph.D. has devoted most of his life to treating troubled kids and their families in both residential treatment and private practice settings. He initially began his professional career working in the residential program in which he, himself, had been placed as a court-ordered teenager. As he learned from his own experiences, both as a former street kid and a developing therapist, he applies the wisdom needed to get himself together and help others do the same. 

Dr. Kedric Cecil is a believer in taking the pain of the past and transforming it into the power of the present. As a therapist to troubled kids and families for over 35 years, his purpose is to encourage others to engage in their own transformation process.

In his professional life, he has been involved residential treatment for troubled youth in a variety of positions ranging from relief house parent to clinical director. After a few years of pastoring and other administrative positions, he discovered that his best work would be done as a individual therapist to troubled kids and hurting people. He has been in private practice as a licensed family therapist in Montana since 1987 and an adjunct professor of psychology and counseling, at both State and Tribal colleges in Montana.

On a personal level, as he reveals in Wisdom from the Streets, Dr. Cecil the “therapist” is also still the “street kid”. Growing up as a pool player, he continues this hobby, has been a biker with a motorcycle club, and continues to gain wisdom from too often doing things that seem dominated by the thinking and logic of a 13 year-old street kid. 

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