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Parental Wisdom

In addition to former patients and college students, my own children became the prime motivation for writing Wisdom From the Streets. I was talking to my son Eric on the phone one day about the ideas of the book and he stated, "Dad, if you don't write it for anyone else, write it for me." Clint, Brian, and Amanda also agreed, and I began thinking of ways to pass along some parental wisdom to empower their own lives. 

I present Eric's music, as well as his poetry and ideas, because he is an excellent example of the self-empowerment that comes when a parent & child engage in the learning process together. I have learned much from being an observer and a participant of Eric's amazing development into a world class musician and an awesome individual.

Eric CecilEric Cecil is a truly remarkable musician. His technical ability, matched by an innate gift for the art itself, has allowed Eric to extend his art beyond that of most professional guitarists. As a result, his diverse talent and deep musicality feels as natural in a concert hall as in a blues club.

Eric’s musical path has been an atypical one, to say the least. At 13, he began playing the steel string acoustic guitar, later moving onto electric, and then slide. At the late age of 20, Eric’s path took a fortuitous detour when fell in love with the beauty of J.S. Bach, and decided to challenge himself with his first formal classical training, including reading music.

Incredibly, within a few short years he was accepted into the Manhattan School of Music for Classical Guitar. As a conservatory-trained classical guitarist, Eric has studied extensively with Arthur Kampela, Michael Newman, and most recently, Marc Delpriora. His musical maturity and passion captivated listeners, quickly leading to numerous solo and chamber performances in the United States.

Eric’s other musical life remains immersed in bands and recording studios. This has included sharing the stage with guitar legend and inventor Les Paul, performing at clubs like the Iridium Jazz Club in New York, and the Kingston Mines blues club in Chicago, as well as filming and recording in the Gibson Guitar Studios, all of which have featured the Who’s Who of musicians from the world of blues, rock, and jazz.

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Eric R Cecil playing El Testament D'Amelia by Miguel Llobet

Eric R Cecil playing Warning


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