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Sneak Peek from Wisdom From the Streets

View Kedric on YouTubeChapter 1 - On the streets, I lived a life of fantasy. I was an adult, not a troubled young teenager who didn’t want to go home. On the streets, I had no responsibility, no studies or homework, no authority figures to tell me what to do, or not do. On the streets, I could escape it all. On the streets, I didn’t have any fear of physical abuse, rejection, or alienation. On the streets, I became somebody else—somebody who didn’t have any problems, somebody who didn’t have any pain.

Chapter 2 - But, all the way through my college studies and experiences, I was driven by a fear of failure. Underneath the facade that I showed to others, I had a dark secret, a secret that I didn’t want anyone to know—I was still a failure in my heart.

Chapter 3 - My whole world came crashing down around me. The stability of our home and everything I was and ever wanted to be were wrapped up in my dad, and now he was gone. How could it be possible that our happy, stable family could be so devastated by my fine, respected father?

Chapter 4 - All the training in the world can’t prepare the parent for the answers to daily life questions when raising children. The question is not if we know the answer; the question is if we are going to admit to the child that we don’t know.

Chapter 5 - I was a thirteen-year-old boy imprisoned in a man’s body, but although my body may have looked like an adult’s, my mind was always in conflict. No matter how hard I tried to forget my age, I often felt caught between the kid I was and the adult I was pretending to be.

Chapter 6 - I have most certainly failed … but it is this failure that has driven my desire to change. In fact, it is my failures that have become my greatest asset in my search for wisdom that may offer direction to those who have lost their way.

Chapter 7 - The rest of the night is blank in my mind. I had just turned fourteen and was in a state of shock, but like everything else in my life, I tried to hide it.

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