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This was an incredible book. I was a street kid with a mental disorder that was undiagnosed. I live right here in Havre and am currently in therapy for PTSD from my childhood. I can totally relate to “hiding IT” and “Faking IT” that when I was initially sent to the hospital I felt like I had totally broke apart. I would really like to know the rest of the story. Obviously something worked in your life.
Kacie Kelsey

I was a foster child in high school, and I know something of not  belonging, although I was so terrified of losing my foster home I did  everything they told me to do! So I can relate very personally of 
much of what you write.
Lynn Goodman-Strauss

I did enjoy your book.  I give you credit for overcoming a tough adolescence and becoming a success, productive member of society.  I  suspect your patients really appreciate your “wisdom” and insight.  I must say my childhood was quite uneventful and I am grateful. 

Of course as a kid I thought I was so deprived.  I certainly appreciated how you relate to your children, what a gift for them to have a father they can talk to about anything, who does not hide the chapters in your life that made you.  That is the part I relate to with you. 

I am certainly no “mother of the year candidate” but I think my children know I love them with all my heart and would do anything I could for them.  I am proud of the moments they have shared their deep, dark secrets or failed and called on Mom to pick them up.   I never would tell my parents those things.  

You and I share the same goal for our children….select your destiny, follow your desires and persevere.  I do not want to pick my children’s career I just hope to help them see many opportunities and pick the one they can live with for years to come.  

Best of all, you hit the nail on the head with relationships, when I quit waiting for people to live up to my expectations my life was a lot less complicated.  I did get rid of a few folks and I am better for it and they are most likely better off without me. 

I now recognize the true gifts of my friends and family.  And “I own my stuff”, I can tell you exactly what qualities I suck at, I can also tell you my strengths.  I still need to work on guilt and forgiveness but hey I am Catholic, I expect these as my burdens.

Thank you for sharing your book with me. 
Theresa Vonada, PA-C, MPAS
Orthopedic Physician Assistant
Fort Harrison, MT

The best book I have read in a long time!! I began reading this book one night, and was immediately engrossed. The life of the author is of course very different from mine, yet some of our thought processes are amazingly similar. I laughed and cried with the book, and learned about my own life. When I finished reading it, I actually started it all over again! This is a book filled with the struggles of one's life, laughter, self discovery and love that everyone can relate to, and learn so much from. I highly recommend it!
Kaori Fujii
New York

Excellent book.  This book offers a very candid story of the life of Dr. Cecil.  It is rare for the patient to look inside and see the raw pictures of life that mold a great counselor/therapist. I would give this book to anyone in therapy.
Love My Library "Book Collector"

Loved this book - one of the best parenting books I've ever read.  I met the author at Chico Hot Springs In Pray, Mt. one night after dinner and bought his book. I started reading that night and couldn't stop until I finished! This really is an amazing story and fun to read! Wisdom did indeed come to the author with his life experiences "on the street"! . . . .
Norma Buchanan
Billings, Montana


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